Sjambok sail at start of 2010 BOR
  RP 45 'Sjambok' sailing in very light breeze shortly after the start of the 2010 Bermuda Ocean Race, which she won on handicap. In 2012 she won line honors, her class, first out the bay and the overall prices. Bosun Yacht Services installed the deck hardware and supplies all her running rigging.

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Running Rigging.
Whatever your cordage needs are: halyards, sailboat sheets, control lines, steering cables, dock lines, replacement halyards you name it, we can supply. Whether your boat is a grand prix racer, club racer, one design, blue water cruiser or just a plain old fun sailboat, we have the expertise to give you what you need. From PBO to polyester, we have handled it and can splice it.

The development of materials used on boats during the last fifteen years has been very exciting. Some of the biggest of these developments have been made in the fibers used in ropes (lines) and sails. Halyard, sheets and lines made of polyester are still the favored choice for most cruising boats, and we rarely see wire/ rope halyards on any boat any more. Line constructed from Spectra, Technora, Vectran, Dyneema SK75, SK78, SK90 and PBO keep pushing the envelope, producing stronger running rigging (halyards and sailboat lines) that has less stretch . This has enabled us to provide you with halyards that are smaller in diameter with less stretch. This results in a healthy weight saving aloft, which improves the boat's initial stability. The reduction in stretch is essential in controlling sail shapes in today's sails. We can help ensure you get the correct line for job!

If you would like a free estimate on supplying you for halyards, sheets, control lines or dock lines please complete the form on the quote request form page. . Although we have a huge data base of boats we have found it best to gather the necessary information in this way, to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction! For tips on inspecting your running rigging please see tips page. For testimonials please see our who we are page.

All lines are subject to UV and weather degradation. They become dry, rotted and mildewed and should be regularly inspected and replaced if necessary to avoid failure. Breaking a halyard, sheet or line is seldom catastrophic, but it can ruin your day.   Typically they fail when it starts to blow and the last thing you want to be doing is wrestling a sail out of the water. For the racing fraternity, breaking a halyard  usually means a DFL for the race. For more info on how to inspect you running rigging see our tips page.

Online Store!
On-line shopping is now in now an established mode of shopping. We continually strive to make it easier for customers  to purchase new or replacement halyards, sheets or dock lines on-line. Due to the nature of the sailboat industry with so many different boats, each with a number of models, supplying running rigging to the aftermarket tends to make each line a custom order. There are so many variables such as line function, line length, diameter, type of cordage, color, different types of halyard shackles, splicing etc, etc. We would much appreciate your feed back so we can keep improving.

Morris 46 running riggingAfter a 3 month refit my 46' Morris Ocean Series was getting ready for a 2000 mile Journey from Northeast Harbor, ME to Sarasota, FL during November and January. I wanted my running rigging to be in top notch condition. I contacted David with his wealth of individual boat information and with-in two days had a 90% complete quote by footage and diameter. We refined this though the next week and had a completed shipped order priced well below all other quotes.
David's run inning rigging performed in very at sea adverse conditions extremely well and met all my expectations. If you are looking for premium gear at very reasonable prices from a knowledgeable rigger I would highly recommend David.
Marlen Robb
Aboard 'Menemsha'
Sarasota Florida

For more testimonials see our who we are page.

Dinghy lines.
We now have a good selection lines for dinghy's in stock. An excellent selection of control lines, sheets and singles braids in Polyester, Vectran and Dyneema. See our on-line store.

Eye splicing video

A number of friends and customers have asked me to teach them to eye splice so I have made this video splicing 'Southern Ropes' double braid polyester- "Riggers Braid". It is a difficult thing to learn from text but video does take the mysticism out of it. That said it is a skill that requires repetitive practice of it to get it right and it can prove to be frustrating and expensive at first.

Standing Rigging
Stainless steel 316 rigging wireBosun Yacht Services, LLC is located in Annapolis, MD and provides rigging services for the Mid Atlantic area to both the cruising and racing sail boat owners. For our phone number and e-mail address please click on 'contact us' menu'.   Our services include:-

  • Rigging inspections and reports.
  • Rigging, replacement  stays and shrouds etc.
  • Mast repairs and masts replacement.
  • Life lines replacement.
  • Supplying and the installation of deck hardware (Winches, clutch stoppers, tracks, control blocks, hydraulics, windlasses, etc).
  • Running Rigging, halyards, sailboat sheets, sailboat control lines and docklines.
  • Rigging tuning.
  • Installation of furling headstay and boom units.

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