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Q: When is a Rope not a rope?

A: When it is a Halyard, Sheet, line, dockline, etc. The old sailors did not make it easy for us with their centuries old jargon. Modern rope manufacturers have further complicated things by making so many different lines for you to choose from. Complicated, but oh so much better!  We stock and supply  'Southern Ropes', a world renowed rope manufacturer.


Q: How to get the type of line, halyard, or sheet you require?

A: We have divided Sailboats and Yachts into a few different categories to make it easier.

Cruising - The majority of production boats come supplied with double braid polyester lines.  This is the the least expensive, while also reliable, weather proof, and the best bang for your buck.  Our line double braid polyester is "Yachtmaster XS".

Performance - One step up for the 'blue water sailor' or 'club racer' who is prepared to have a line that is stonger, has less stretch and is lighter, but slightly more expensive.  Our line is "SuperSpeed". 

High Performance - For the customer that wants the best! Whether it is for grand prix racing  or serious crusing . Our lines are "SuperSpeed" and "Vectran Braid". See more information in our shop.


Q: How do I shop?

A: In the left hand menu bar we have divided our shop into the following selections:

Pre-made Halyards - These are cruising & performance halyards that are available in couple of lengths for a given diameter in various colors and spliced shackles.  

Line only - Speaks for itself for 'cruising, performance & high performance lines.'

Custom lines - Allows you to build own Halyard, Sheet or control line exactly how you want it.  Choose the type, length, diameter, color, type of shackle, etc.


Q: What if I dont know the length and diameter of the line I need for my boat? 

A:  Easy! Either complete our 'Quote request form' or 'Contact us'.


Bosun Yacht Services, LLC was established in 2001 by small craft naval architect David van der Spuy. Since that time, we have provided rigging services and have specialized in running rigging.  rigbos.com our online store is a progression allowing us to more effisantly  supply customer Members of ABYC.