Line only - Performance

Our 'Performance lines' are aimed at the performance oriented cruiser and club racing boats. The advantage of this line are there superior breaking strength, which gives less halyards and sheets stretch, thereby maintaining the desired sail shape without having to constantly adjust the line tension. This also usually allows us to drop on diameter size considerably reducing the overall halyard weight hereby improving initial stability. Typically these lines have a polyester cover and there cores are often a blend of hi-tec and regular fibers. Southern Ropes SuperSpeed braid has a HMPE (high modules polyethylene - often know by the trade names Spectra or Dyneema) core and durable 24 plait polyester cover.

If you do not know the length of the line you need, click on 'line lengths' to find find your boat and the length of line you need. The below chart will help you select what diameter line you need require from the length of you boat.
"Super Braid" sizing chart - Boat length (feet) - lines diameter.
  Halyards Main Sheet Genoa & Spin sheets Toppers & Travellers
8mm diameter (5/16") 16' - 28' 16' - 25' 16' - 25' 20' - 35'
10mm diameter (3/8") 24' - 38' 24' - 40' 25' - 40' 35' - 50'
12mm diameter (1/2") 38' - 60' 40' - 60' 40' - 55'  
* Disclaimer - The above chart is intended as a guide and is good for most sailboats. However, due to the numerous variables like line length, boat displacement, the boats righting moment, type of sailing it can not be accurate for every boat. If you are uncertain and would like us to help, click on 'contact us' and fill out and send the request for a 'quote form.